An intelligent way to mine cryptocurrency.
Latest version:
v0.5 Beta 7.3
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Why use SmartMine?

  • SmartMine automatically chooses the best coins to mine for you, this way you don't have the burden of switching coins manually. You can select which coins to consider, how often to refresh statistics as well as many other features to customise.

  • You have the flexibility of connecting any mining pool and mine any of our supported coins: ALTCOM, BTG, CRC, DCR, DGB, ETC, ETH, ETN, EXP, FTC, GBX, GRS, HUSH, KMD, LBC, MONA, SIB, TRZ, UBIQ, VIVO, VTC, XVG, ZCL, ZEC and ZEN (with more added periodically).

  • SmartMine detects problems, such as low GPU power consumption, and takes the steps necessary to fix them. This way, you'll have close to no down time on your mining.

  • SmartMine provides detailed statistics on hash rates for each coin, GPU power consumption and temperature, expected earnings and many more.


SmartMine keeps track of GPU temperatures, power consumption etc. and restarts the miner if it detects that GPU usage is lower than expected. This way you'll have virtually no downtime on your mining.



Statistics for hash rates, temperatures power consumption etc. are stored and aggregated for each coin and can be viewed at any point. SmartMine uses these statistics to perform anomaly detection.

SmartMine's source code will be released soon, so the community can continue to develop new features.



When you start SmartMine for the first time, you are greeted with the Setup screen. Follow the on screen instructions to easily create and add mining pool accounts. You can visit our Help Section for more information.


Click the Benchmark button and let SmartMine determine hash rates for each algorithm using the built-in benchmark tool.

03 / GO

That's it, the setup process is complete! All you have to do is click Run and let SmartMine decide which coin to mine. If you want to learn more about how SmartMine works, you can read the About section.




Coin profitability is collected from WhatToMine. Head over there to find out how much you could be making. SmartMine also gets coin difficulty and price data directly from the coin block explorers and from Bittrex in case WhatToMine is down.


Currently, SmartMine will automatically switch to the most profitable coin based on current mining difficulty and current price. In the future, SmartMine will implement Machine Learning models to forecast coin difficulty and price data, which could increase mining revenue further.


SmartMine was a side project I developed while at university. I had a lot of fun doing it, but unfortunately don't have the time to continue. As mentioned above, all the source code will be released when I get the chance to clean it up. Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback over the development process. 



  • Pick your mining pools. For an easy setup process, you can use accounts for most of the coins available on SmartMine. You can create a pool account for FTC here and GRS here. Please note that you do not have to use these pools, you can use any pool you like. Head over to our Help Center for detailed instructions on setting up mining pools 

  • To withdraw funds from the pools, first log into your account for each coin, click on 'My Account', then 'Edit Account', then scroll to the bottom to find the 'Cash Out' section. Other mining pools will have similar processes.

  • You can use an exchange such as Bittrex, Poloniex or Bitfinex to create a wallet for each coin. You can then send the coins you mine into these wallets and convert them to whatever coin you chose there.