Is SmartMine free to use?

SmartMine is free to use during the Public Beta period which is currently ongoing. Pricing information will be released after this period is over. SmartMine will always have a free tier available to all users to try out our service without having to sign up or add any payment information.

Where are your servers located?

Currently, our servers are exlusively located in London, UK. However, we have plans to expand to other continents so you can get even faster access to all of our services.

How long will the Public Beta last?

There is currently no timeframe for the Public Beta. We are using this period to develop new features and add more services to SmartMine and we would like to use this period to gauge user feedback. If you would like to request a new feature or report a bug, please contact us at info@smartmine.net


Image Super Resolution

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of images work best?

1. Make sure your images are not blurry. If they are, you can use our Blur Removal service instead.

2. Make sure your images are actually low resolution. A lot of images may look pixelated or compressed, but the actual image files will be quite large, i.e., 1500x1500 pixels. You can resize your images down to a smaller resolution before using the super-resolution service.

How long does processing take?

Upscaling can take under a second for small images (480p), around 10 seconds for medium sized images (1080p) and up to 1 minute for large images (2160p)

Can I process multiple files at once?

Not during the Public Beta. We will support batch processing through the official API once it is released, or by dragging and dropping multiple files in the upload field.