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How Photographers Can Use SmartMine

So you want to take your photos to the next level?

Increase Image Resolution

Maybe you lost your original photos but have the downsampled ones.
Maybe you have a thumbnail image you'd like to make a little larger.
Or maybe you're just shooting on an iPhone 4S camera in 2020.

Whatever the reason, you can use the Image Super Resolution service to increase the number of pixels in your image whilst adding more detail. This beats traditional antialiasing and upsampling techniques since it uses a Deep Learning model trained on millions of images.

The best part? We won't tell your clients about the iPhone 4S.

Man Hands On Keyboard
Man Hands On Keyboard

Remove Motion Blur

Have the perfect photo taken at just the right moment, but the whole picture is ruined by a shaky camera or subject? You can use the Image Deblurring service to sharpen your images and improve an otherwise unusable image.

Like every other service offered by SmartMine, the Image Deblurring service uses an advanced Computer Vision model to sharpen your images. 

Image Restoration

The Image Restoration service can be used on a wide variety of images. Everything from an old scratched sepia photograph to modern polaroid images.

The service repairs scratches with advanced A.I. in-painting, essentially restoring them to their original quality.

Man Hands On Keyboard